Tiimiakatemia Global Ltd.

Our vision is to make Finland a country where team learning is done at its fullest – and at the same time we’ll help other countries to do the same! Together with our clients we build learning communities. Team learning is not just a branch of pedagogy but a cultural way of thinking and doing. It is reflected to all aspects of the community.

We create brave team coaches.

We create brave team coaches.

Team coaches are empowerers and developers of learning. They have the comptencies to use team learning methods in their work environments whether they are teachers, managers or team leaders.

Team learning is individual’s learning in a team. It is a combination of active doing and interaction with others.

We create brave team coaches.

Our Approach

Our way of coaching is not one-way lecturing. Instead, it is about coaching people to see, experience and have insights. Just getting new factual knowledge is only a start: we challenge people to undestand, take action and grow.

Our coaching approach covers both individual and communal levels of learning. In our program each individual develop their own competencies and at the same time they develop their respective organizations. Team learning is not a one-person show but a communal effort.

We want results. With them we mean concrete actions and learning through them. That is why taking action is at the heart of our coaching programs.

We emphasise continious, long-term learning. We don’t provide singular, one-off training days but possibilities for continious learning and development.

Our Values


Deep Human Relationships and Long-Term Partnerships

Every day we strive to strengthen relationships both within our company and outside it to be geniune, trustful, respectful and equal.



We uphold the attitude of teampreneurship. For us, teampreneurship is growth to responsibility and shared entrepreneurship. It is responsibility on oneself, others and shared learning no matter what your role or position is.


Continous Experiments and Continous Creation of New

We go above and beyond boundaries. We courageously do things that we haven tried before. We seize opportunities with open minds.


Learning by Doing and Practicality

We apply theory into practice and learn new things. We challenge ourselves and our clients to take action and create practial solutions.


Worldly Mindset

We have to travel far in order to see near. We seek new methods from all over the world in order to apply them to our own work. International collaboration allows us to learn continiously and takes us to adventures.


Our vision is to make Finland a country where team learning is done at its fullest.

For over 20 years Tiimiakatemia Global has developed the methods of team learning and team coaching together with its clients. It is based on solid practical experience and theoretical knowledge. The strong point of the methods is the fact that they can be applied to different kinds of environments from primary schools to universities and from small businesses to major companies. We work as guides that help each individual and organization to create applications that work for them.

Our field of work is global. We coach people both domestically in Finland and as well as internationally. We’ve coached over 2000 team coaches in our Finnish Tiimimestari and international Team Mastery programs. In addition, we’ve trained numerous school communities from all levels.

We own, manage and distribute Tiimiakatemia® trademark among other trademarks. We have our own team coach certification systems both for individual team coaching competencies as well for education programs that deploy Tiimiakatemia® methods.

Our core team works in two offices, Jyväskylä and Tampere. In addition, we have an extensive network of certified team coaches in Finland and abroad.

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Our vision is to make Finland a country where team learning is done at its fullest.