Team Coach Boost

by Tiimiakatemia Global

Team Coach Boost -program is a continuous development program for all team coaches who use Tiimiakatemia-influenced approach in their work. It updates you on the newest developments in the field of team coaching and keeps you connected to the international Tiimiakatemia® network.

To participate in this programme, you don’t have to be a Team Mastery graduate but it helps if you have a fundamental understanding how Tiimiakatemia team coaching works.

Boost Sessions

At its core, the programme consists of seven (x7) Boost Sessions. In them, keynote speakers provide both theoretical and practical ideas on team coaching. And, after hearing them, you’ll get to meet team coaches from all over the world and have discussions on the topic at hand. See more information on the Sessions below.

Peer Coaching

Between the Boost Sessions you have an opportunity to discuss one-to-one with a colleague, ’team coach peer’, get to know each other, discuss interesting, inspiring or difficult issues, get ideas and help each other. In the long run, the programme connects you personally to many team coaches as peer pairs are rotated.

Learning Platform

The programme is supported with a collaboration platform. It includes a knowledge base that allows you to get access to the most updated Tiimiakatemia tools and theories. Also, it has the possibility to connect to team coaches from all over the world through a discussion board.

To Whom Team Coach Boost is For?

To Whom Team Coach Boost is For?

This is for you if you are:

Working as a Team Coach (university, school, organisation); OR

Trained through Tiimiakatemia Global or an equivalent organisation (e.g. program like Tiimiakatemia Team Mastery, Tiimiakatemia Fundamentals of Team Coaching, etc.).

To Whom Team Coach Boost is For?

Apply for Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 Season

Join our pilot programme and be part of the 1st cohort of our completely new Team Coach Boost by Tiimiakatemia Global.

The program fee is a nominal 80 € (incl. vat) for our first pilot programme Fall 2023/Spring 2024.

For this season we have limited spaces. Please apply for your place now.

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