We Create Brave Team Coaches

We coach educators to become team coaches. This is done by training them to use the original, award-winning Tiimiakatemia team coaching methodology. It has roots in Finnish education and in the past decades it has spread all over the world. In our coaching programs our clients learn team coaching philosophy and methodology. This makes their organizations to become true, team-based places of learning.

Tiimiakatemia Global Ltd.

We’ve been working in the fields of team coaching and communal learning for over 20 years. The company is founded by Johannes Partanen, the original developer of Tiimiakatemia. To this day 2000 people both from the worlds of education and business have completed our Finnish Tiimimestari® and international Team Mastery® programs.

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Tiimiakatemia Global Ltd.


We do both shorter, intensive team coaching programs online as well as longer, deeper learning on-site programs in European locations. Also, we provide expert services on curriculum design, support on applying project funding and other work related to educational development.

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First steps of using team learning Guidebook

The guidebook will help you to understand the very basics of learning together and team learning pedagogy. It will aid you in creating learning environments and practices that are genuinely learner-centric. We’ll will instruct you on how to do team learning and team coaching in practice.

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