Lincoln Team Academy connecting the international network and putting Team Academy on the map


In one month the network is coming together in the biggest and most important event of the Team Academy’s calendar. A group of young teampreneurs are organising an event with great networking opportunities, with a good variety of workshops and speakers that will teach everyone something new, while having an intimate atmosphere in beautiful Lincoln.

The event will be held on the 8th – 9th of February 2019 in Lincoln, England, which will be the fourth edition of the Team4Learning event. Previously, they have been held in Jyvaskyla (2018), Budapest (2016) and Newcastle (2015). These events are organised by an international group of teampreneurs to their peers and team coaches around the world, but also to other organisations and companies who are interested in team learning.

This year the project team have four members from the Lincoln Team Academy, Chris Sandham is the project leader, Daria Pipczynska is responsible for the international affairs, Will Nuttall manages the marketing and Jack Berkeley coordinates the accommodation and travel. They have also a group of international ambassadors working in the field. Currently they have ambassadors from Jyvaskyla, Tampere, Bristol, London, Lima, Amsterdam and Switzerland.


Chris and Daria (on the right) with their Team Coaches Chris Jackson and Peter Tasi (in the middle) with people from the Finnish Embassy (on the left)


Chris and Daria have shared what they have planned for the coming event. There will be Ted talk like speeches by inspiring speakers, few sets of workshops, some held by teampreneurs from different Team Academies and some by professionals. There will be many workshops going on at the same time, so people get to choose what they are interested in. This allows the groups to be smaller and create more interaction and learning. The market place will allow you to either showcase or to get to know other people’s businesses and projects. There will also be many opportunities for networking as that is something valued by the organisers. One of the highlights is having Dr Colin Jones speaking at the event, as he is coming all the way from Australia to attend the Team4Learning.

Many of you might be familiar with the Belbin Team Role tests, they are one of the official sponsors for the Team4Learning event and all the participants will get a free test when attending the event. Belbin has been actively used in many Team Academies when analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates and as they are from the UK, it’s very exciting that they will be involved in the event.

The project team has been working hard to make this event happen. They are collaborating with local businesses, contacting the international network, even visiting embassies and potentially doing collaborations with them. But it has not been easy and the project team has had many challenges along the way, for example, the first project leader left the group, so Chris as a new project leader had to work hard to build the vision and rebuild the trust with partners. Now the team is stronger than ever, everyone has clear roles and the team really trusts each other. The energy and excitement that I got from Chris and Daria was amazing and I have no doubt that this Team4Learning will be a unique and great experience for all its participants.


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Nina Jussila, Certified Tiimiakatemia Team Coach