Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach Certificate

Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach Certificate

Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach Competency Certification is a three-step system for professional team coaches. The system makes your competency as a team coach visible.


Competency Level

Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach is the first level in Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach Competency Certification System. A team coach certified to this level has the basic level knowledge and skills on team coaching and Tiimiakatemia® Method.

A person certified to Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach level:

  • Can work as entry level team coaching professional. He or she has the basic level knowledge and skills in Tiimiakatemia® methods that are used to build and coach teams.
  • Can work as a team coach in programs that deploy Tiimiakatemia® Method.


Certification Criteria

To attain a Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach Certification, a team coach must have completed Team Mastery (or equivalent) program. Also, he or she must have at least 1,5 years of team coaching experience. This practical experience can be acquired during the Team Mastery (i.e. not just after completing the program).


Certification Process

Certification is done by providing the Tiimiakatemia Global’s certification board written proof of one’s competency. In addition, a person who wants to get certified needs to participate to a certification day. During the certification day each participant’s competency is analysed and shared with others in a facilitated dialogue and workshop sessions.

Tiimiakatemia Global arranges certification days for international clients as needed, normally right after each Team Mastery program cycle.


Certification Accreditation

The certificate is non-formal competency certificate. It is solely accredited and granted by Tiimiakatemia Global.


Certification Fee

In Finland the certification’s standard fee is 195 € + VAT. However, as international certifications are done only on basis of needs and the costs and the expenses in each case vary, the fee for international clients varies and may be higher that the Finnish standard fee. Tiimiakatemia Global informs its clients of the certification fees for each certification case separately.


Inquiries and More Information on Competency Certifications Done Abroad Finland

Mrs. Hanna Waldén
Member of Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach Certification Board, Tiimiakatemia® Senior Team Coach
p. +358 40 507 5503