Team Coach’s Profession

Team Coach’s Profession

Tiimiakatemia® team coach is an expert professional who has the knowledge, skills, mindsets and experience to enchance the development of individuals, teams and communities in variety of operating contexts. He is an training and learning development specialist who can build and guide teams both for work and learning purposes. Team coaches can create and implement learning programmes and learning infrastructures that allow the learners themselves to act and learn at the same time both in teams and as individuals. He also consults and advices individuals, groups and teams to build and run team-based learning organizations and to make positive changes happen.


Professional Team Coach’s Work and Clients

Tiimiakatemia® team coach can be a consultant, trainer, facilitator, in-house human resource expert, manager and/or educator. They work, for example, as line managers, team leaders, teachers, independent consultants or NGO project workers. His clients or coachees can be, for example, salesmen, project workers, primary school students, university students or even ordinary citizens who need specialist team coaching in a community.


Professional Team Coach’s Competencies

Tiimiakatemia® team coach’s competency includes such sub-competencies as team and group facilitation, individual learning and performance enhancement, educational design, teamwork and community building. In addition to team coaching competency, each team coach has his own special area of expertice (marketing, sales, engineering, health care, design thinking, social work, etc.) that he uses in conjunction with his team coaching competency.


Professional Team Coach’s Mindsets and Values

Tiimiakatemia® team coach has the mindset of playfullness, adventure, positive change and belief in every individual’s intrinsic ability to learn and think independently. He values entrepreneurship, action, self-initiative, curiosity, human relationships and passion for one’s work.