Leading Thoughts

Leading Thoughts


Why Leading Thoughts?

Leading Thoughts are the source of our inspiration. They are founded on mutual trust, self-discipline and pride in our accomplishments.

Leading Thoughts tell for what we are fighting for and why do we exist. They are always born from within us. Before anything else, they are important for us. We review and renew them every year together as a community.

Leading Thoughts are our guideline towards establishing a fun, happy and exciting university that is networked internationally.

Our mission is to create a future, not to predict it. We have created a community, where people work together to attain a shared goal. At core of our community are the teampreneurs, team-coaches, team learners and team leaders. We will take the best practices from the fields of business, sports and education to our methods.

We will give each and every member of our community time and attention. Tiimiakatemia rises from a community but behind every action there is an individual that is fully committed. Following the Leading Thoughts and embracing challenges are at the core of Tiimiakatemia’s ecosystem.

We have to find people who are inspired by the idea of learning in a team. In the world there is a common language understood by all. It tells us about inspiration and work that is encouraged by love, determination and strive for something that one wishes to come true and on that one truly believes in.



We offer courageous people the opportunity to change the world. We are forerunners who create a development platform for the change. Courageous people need each others’ support and inspiration.

We will remove unemployment. We will make a revolution in the fields of teampreneurship, team learning and team leading. We will crush the old structures of society in order to speed up the development of a new society that is entrepreneurship-led. Teampreneurship offers individuals working in new communities the possibility to be in charge of their own destinies and allows them to work for themselves.

We respect the Nature and follow the rules of Nature. The use of our methods and tools protects the Nature and leaders to sustainable development that eradicates wars and brings forth teampreneurship that is communal.



1. Human Relationships and Building and Maintaining Partnerships

The relationships to each other, to our families and to our customers are indispensable perquisites to conduct business. The sources of power of these relationships are creativity, trust, respect and openness. We give and receive constructive feedback to each other. In this way we develop as humans.


2. Team Learning

We grow into teampreneurship by training our skills and working together. We coach ourselves through our lives to create and develop our workplaces. There is power in our network. We understand that we have a responsibility towards our environment. Certified team coaches coach teampreneurs to personal mastery.


3. Continuous Experiments and Continuous Creation of New

We break boundaries and boldly do things that we haven’t tried before. We seize opportunities without prejudices.


4. Learning by Doing and Practicality

We learn in own network by applying newest theoretical knowledge into practice in interaction with our customers. We take full responsibility for our actions. Deeds speak for themselves.


5. Travelling

One has to travel far in order to see close. Everywhere we go, we seek new practices to apply them to our own communities. By travelling and conducting international co-operation we learn faster and more. By travelling we experience inspiring experiences and adventures.



Our vision is to establish a fun, happy, global and networked university latest of 19th of November 2037.

Our actions are founded on each individual’s strengths and on the possibilities of everyone’s unique dreams. Our vision is to be the world’s prominent learning and growth environment both for teampreneurs and team coaches.


The Mystical Principles of a Team Coach

1. Personal Mastery

We pursue lives that are masterful and bring forth glow of our passions. Everybody’s life is built on our own strengths. By practicing continuously we can change and become who we are meant to be.


2. Passion to Create

We are inspired on and inspire others to create together. We learn best when we generate thoughts ourselves and place them in dialogue.


3. Astonishment

By questioning we strengthen everybody’s natural tendency to wonder. We incite everyone to think from his or her own starting points.


4. The Adventure of Team Learning

Team learning is an adventure heading for something new and unpredictable. Learning is the courage to start this journey.


5. Playfulness and Thrilling Experiences

Plays are spectacles where we learn in the spirit of experiences. Learning is play and it creates joy for all of us. This way we can make birth givings that are intriguing.