Team Mastery as a Program

Team Mastery is a training program that gives the know-how of a professional team coach. In addition to personal competency development, the program assists in developing one’s own work organisation in the areas of teams and team learning. The program’s timespan is 1,5 years. It includes 16 contact days as well as practical development work at one’s own work and a reading program.

Team Mastery is a long-term, deep plunge in to the world of team learning and team coaching. It provides the philosophical and methodological know-how on how to work as a team coach. As a program, Team Mastery is not just ideas and knowledge but taking action and applying ideas to one’s own work context.

Team Mastery Process

Team Mastery is a process, not a series of lectures or workshops. During the process you learn the core ideas of team learning through experience. The team coaches of Team Mastery will run lectures and facilitate workshops, but, in addition to them, you’ll make benchmarking visits to places that actually use team learning approach. You’ll get the chance to meet both educators and students who are coaches and coachees. Thus, Team Mastery does have theoretical ideas but mainly it is an hands-on experience.

The training facilities of Team Mastery are located throughout Europe, close to places that use team learning method. In most cases we’ll use comfortable countryside manors as our bases between the visits to these places.

In some cases, depending on the program arrangements and benchmarking possibilities, we’ll also do distance learning using Zoom or similar software.

I Fundamentals of Team Coaching (4 days)

Orientation: Learning in Team Mastery
Overview on Tiimiakatemia® and its methodology
Setting goals for the program and professional development
The fundamental practices of Tiimiakatemia® Method
Coaching in team learning sessions and dialogue
Using projects in team coaching
Theoretical knowledge as a stimulant in team learning
The roles and tasks of a team coach
Orientation to benchlearning

II Advanced Team Coaching (4 days)

The roles and tasks of a team coach II
Physical learning environment design for Tiimiakatemia® Method
Coaching team’s leaders
Integrating competency framework to a team learning program
Learning communities, their forums and leadership
Team coach as a community leader and social platform builder

III Team Coach as Change Maker and Developer (4 days)

Team coach as change maker and developer
Creating learning communitys Leading Thoughts: mission, mision, values and operating principles
Crafting a strategy for a learning community
Evaluation of learning (in educational context that is similar to Tiimiakatemia®)

IV Creating Team Coach’s Character (4 days)

Special topics as needed by the participants
Creating team coach’s character (presenting one’s competency as a team coach) and Tiimiakatemia® Team coach certification
Planning the future

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