Socrates Sessions

Our international, online meetings for Team Mastery (or similar programs) participants, graduates and certified Tiimiakatemia® Team Coaches. The topics are all under the umbrella theme of team coaching and vary seasonally from session to session. Previously topics have been, for example, “Digital Team Coaching”, “Applying Theory to Practice” and “Well-Being in Time of Distance Learning”.

In Socrates Sessions you’ll update your knowledge and skills on team coaching. And best of all, you’ll meet other team coaches from different countries with whom you can share experiences or ideas. Maybe you’ll even find possiblities for collaboration.

We organize Socrates Sessions 3-4 times per annum. These two-hour online-sessions are primarily for network practicing Team coaches, but we welcome anyone willing to dig deeper in to the ideas of team coaching as an educational toolbox.
To participate to the sessions, you don’t have to be a Team Mastery graduate but you should have a fundamental understanding of how Tiimiakatemia team coaching works.

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Ville Vuolle, Key Account Manager of International Clients,

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