Tiimiakatemia® Team Mastery is an international coach-the-coach program. It is aimed to change-minded and progressive educators, trainers, managers and team leaders. The program gives you the knowledge and skills of a professional Tiimiakatemia® team coach.

In addition to boosting your personal competency, the program encourages you to make positive changes happen at your work. Team Mastery pushes you to take action.



Team Mastery gives you the knowledge, know-how and practical experience on the philosophy, methods and practices of team coaching. With them you can work as a professional team coach in wide variety of environments.

During the program you’ll deploy Tiimiakatemia® Method at your work. You’ll do experiments with team coaching. The aim is to change your work environment into a place where people learn and work in teams to tackle the challenges of knowledge work.

Completing a Team Mastery and getting things done at your workplace leads to Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach certification. It acts as a proof of your team coaching competency.


Professional Development as a Team Coach

1.     You’ll learn the human-centric philosophy of Tiimiakatemia® Method.

2.     You’ll get both tactical and strategic learning tools to your personal coaching toolbox.

3.     You’ll discover great opportunities to develop your workplace.

4.     You’ll have hands-on experience on the work of a team coach. You’ll learn how to facilitate dialogue in a team and how to make the team members take action.

5.     You’ll understand how to build new kind of education and training processes where Tiimiakatemia® Method is used.


Our Approach

All of the coaching modules of Team Mastery use Tiimiakatemia® Method. Our approach is both practical and philosophical. Sharp thinking meets action. We offer you cutting-edge knowledge on team coaching. Your job is to take these ideas and apply them to practice.

We promise: training and honing your team coaching skills in Team Mastery is radically different from boring presentations and slideshows. Our working style is relaxed and fun. You will have ample of freedom to think about projects that matter to you. Challenges and experiments are taken seriously but you don’t have to fear that you’ll travel back in time and space back to a passive classroom.

Team Mastery connects people. In the program, you are bound to make friends from different organizations and work environments. Our network is within your reach.


To Whom?

Team Mastery is aimed both to educators and business professionals. It is for:

  1. Progressive teachers who want to change their teaching style from one-way lecturing to two-way interaction in dialogue.
  2. Change-minded teachers who want to transform their classrooms, programs and the whole schools into team-learning, action-packed environments.
  3. Experienced teachers who want to update and upgrade their pedagogical competency to a new level.
  4. Fire souled change leaders who want to rethink things outside the boxes of bureaucracy: how do we train our organization’s members more efficiently and in a more enjoyable way?
  5. Freelance trainers, facilitators and consultants who want to use team coaching approach in their client engagements.
  6. Business managers and team leaders who want to build team-based organizations.



The standard Team Mastery consists of four modules:

I Fundamentals of Team Coaching (4 days)

II Advanced Team Coaching (4 days)

III Team Coach as a Developer and Change Maker (4 days)

IV Creating Team Coach’s Character (4 days)


Please note that the above structure is just an outline. Each Team Mastery program cycle its own unique structure and rhythm.


Team Coaches

Team Mastery’s team coaches (trainers) are certified Tiimiakatemia® Team Coaches. They have wide and deep personal experience on working as a team coach.



Each Team Mastery module will be done in different location. In most cases, open Team Mastery programs are international and the locations are in different countries. In cases of organization-specific or country-specific Team Mastery programs, the locations are in one country.



Each Team Mastery program cycle uses a different language. In most open Team Mastery program the language used in coaching sessions is English.



Each program participant who successfully completes Team Mastery receives Team Mastery Diploma.


Team Coach Certification

A program participant who has successfully completed Team Mastery and fullfills other competency and work experience criteria can apply for Tiimiakatemia® Team Coach certification.


Fees and Expenses

The standard fee is 8 900 € + effectual Finnish VAT 24 %.

The fee includes the coaching modules, training materials and the diploma.

The actual fee varies for each Team Mastery program cycle.

The program participant is responsible for paying his or her travel and accommodation expenses directly to third parties (e.g. airlines and hotels).



If you miss one or more program modules for Force Majeure reasons, you will not be invoiced for it or them. Tiimiakatemia Global reserves the right to get a credible proof of the Force Majeure reason from a third party in this case. If you miss program modules for any other reason, you and Tiimiakatemia Global will negotiate on payable fees on case-by-case basis.


Tailor-Made Programs

Team Mastery can be tailor-made to fit organization-specific needs. Tailoring options are, for example:

  1. Pre-program diagnostics of an organization’s learning needs
  2. Special workshops that fit the organization’s needs
  3. Benchmarking visits during the program

Minimum group size for tailor-made programs is ten (10) persons.


Study Credits

Tiimiakatemia Global in an independent and private training and consulting company. Team Mastery is “non-formal education” as it has its own pre-determined curriculum, structure and learning methodology but does not have formal accreditation from an educational institution.

Team Mastery’s workload equals 45 ECTS credits. Other education operators than Tiimiakatemia Global may give a different estimate of this workload.

A person who has completed Team Mastery may apply for study accreditations and substitutions independently from education operators of their choice. Each operator has its own accreditation and substitution practices and may have a different view whether Team Mastery counts as training that can be part of formal studies.


Upcoming Program:

We are taking pre-registrations for an international Team Mastery program about to start in September 2020.
For more information, please contact our Learning Specialist Mr. Ville Vuolle or fill the contact form on the right.
Mr. Ville Vuolle
Learning Specialist
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