Tiimiakatemia Prague opened – first year teampreneurs are on the way to the success

The first team of Tiimiakatemia Prague started their learning journey at 2019.

This year, we started a study of a new program called Innovative Entrepreneurship (Tiimiakatemia® Prague) at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. The whole study has been very unusual from the beginning. The first day we were greeted by our coaches with a glass of non-alcoholic champagne. After the toast we entered our premises, which we later during the week organized ourselves as per our taste and needs.

Right from the start, we had to step out of our comfort zone and show how we can deal with crucial situations. Our first challenge was to multiply the amount of 100 CZK any way possible. We formed groups of four to six people and dealt with the challenge in various ways on the university campus premises, demonstrating the ability to communicate, to improvise and to be creative.  The best team managed to earn twelve times the original amount by applying the “cheap buy, expensive sell” rule.

Not so comfort zone

Another coming-out of our comfort zone was the Forest & Back trip, which we received only three information about: “Departure at 12 a.m., take warm clothes and a sleeping bag.” We arrived at a centre for meditation, self-development and natural teachings. At first, we didn’t understand, why did the coaches take us right here. We were full of different feelings. But in the end, when leaving, we got an understanding of their intention. We got to know each other, learned to respect another people and to accept different opinions. The most important outcome of the Forest & Back was that we were divided into two groups in which we will eventually establish team companies. And then the question came. “Who will pay for this trip?” So, surprisingly our next challenge was to pay an invoice of 52 000 CZK. And yes, we were shocked. However, we accepted the challenge and immediately started working on several projects to ensure that this invoice was getting payed.

A very important event for all of us was the official opening of our study program. It was our very first presentation to the public. We decided to arrange a set of dialogues – our training sessions and learning cafés. At first, we were quite nervous about educating others regarding something we all are really new at. With time though, we began to realize it is not about teaching the attendants all about the Team Academy methods and having answers to all of the questions we might have been asked. With great support from a few of the Finnish Team Academy heads (hopefully now we can almost dare calling them friends), we showed our studies so far in a way familiar to us – a study program, that is out of the ordinary, extremely motivating, thanks to which we are already becoming independent learners, yet at the same time being part of an amazing community and working as a team. And last but not least, looking forward to all of the challenges our studies will lead us to.

Learning Journey

In the beginning we didn’t know how to work in groups. We still have to keep in mind that this is a study program and we have to follow certain rules. We may not be attending lectures and classical lessons, but the demands on us are constantly increasing. We educate ourselves in the form of reading combined with team coaching and followed by creating projects (training, reading, practice). We learn from our own mistakes, inspire each other and constantly improve ourselves. Studying the Innovative Entrepreneurship program is hard work for us, but at the same time fun and a path to self-realization and success.

Writer: Tiimiakatemia Prague teampreneurs

Julkaistu 20.11.2019


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