We Create Brave Team Coaches

We coach educators to become team coaches. This is done by training them to use the original, award-winning Tiimiakatemia team coaching methodology. It has roots in Finnish education and in the past decades it has spread all over the world. In our coaching programs our clients learn team coaching philosophy and methodology. This makes their organizations to become true, team-based places of learning.

Tiimiakatemia Global

We’ve been working in the fields of team coaching and communal learning for over 20 years. The company is founded by Johannes Partanen, the original developer of Tiimiakatemia. To this day 2000 people both from the worlds of education and business have completed our Finnish Tiimimestari® and international Team Mastery® programs.

International Dialogue Sessions
Meetings for Network of Team Coaches. From a team coach to a team coach, sessions held online.
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First steps of Using Team Learning – E-book on how to begin Team Coaching
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We do both shorter, intensive team coaching programs online as well as longer, deeper learning on-site programs in European locations. Also, we provide expert services on curriculum design, support on applying project funding and other work related to educational development.

Our latest articles

Build Your Own Team Learning Framework

What we’ve noticed that all team coaches need a ”Team Learning Framework”. Any long-term program needs some sort of framework that combines both curriculum/syllabuses as well as pedagogical underpinnings together as a roadmap. Also, one can fit into all kinds of quality systems or competency models to create a integrated whole of it.

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Team Learning is a Global Thing, both Off- and Online!

The ideas of learning together, working in teams, doing a bit of team coaching and doing something that truly matters know no borders! Yes, there are cultural differences (as there should be) and wide variety of cultural adaptations, but these core ideas seem to be universal. 16 Years of Team Learning on the Globe People […]

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An example of unusual collaboration – Team Academy UK

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Elinor Vettraino, a power lady involved in many Team Academy related activities in the UK. She is a programme director for the new TA programme in Aston University, Birmingham, she recently became a director of Akatemia CIC, a company that trains Team Coaches in the UK, […]

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Tiimiakatemia Prague opened – first year teampreneurs are on the way to the success

This year, we started a study of a new program called Innovative Entrepreneurship (Tiimiakatemia® Prague) at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. The whole study has been very unusual from the beginning. The first day we were greeted by our coaches with a glass of non-alcoholic champagne. After the toast we entered our […]

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Anna Vikman: Memories and reflections from Team 4 Learning 2019

The international relations team of Proakatemia had a great opportunity to travel to this year’s Team 4 Learning event held on the 8th-9th of February in Lincoln, England. There were over 100 participants from 10 different countries (UK, Finland, Germany, Peru, Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA, and Ireland). It was the first time for every […]

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Minna Saukkonen: Applying skills learned in Tiimiakatemia into work life

In the past year I have become more and more interested in learning and supporting learners through coaching. It all started from working as an Assistant Team Coach for a Peruvian Team Entrepreneurs on their Learning Journey to Finland back in the spring of 2017. Since then I have been working with Team Academy Perú […]

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